Nicelight, lighting made easy.

If you’re looking to update your lighting equipment or looking for something new to help you with your personal style, You’ve come to the right place. Here at nicelight as professional photographers ourselves we appreciate all different flavours of lighting.

From natural light to using flash, whatever it takes to get the shot you want, in the style you want, if it’s a LED light wand that tickles your fancy, a battery operated studio light that’s on your wish list, or even a giant softbox to get that lovely soft light, we have sourced and tested for you the best products available. We love these products and use them all the time so we think you will love them too.
The essence of what we do at nicelight is lighting made easy. So take some time to consider what flavour lighting you like most and with our range of amazing lights, modifers and accessories you can make it happen!

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