Dear Santa…..


If you are married, engaged or dating a photographer you might be at a loss as to what to get them for Christmas.  How about that Kris Kindle gift you have to buy and you have not got a clue what to get?  Well grab a cuppa, sit down and let me help you out.

The first thing you need to know is that we are photographers ourselves and because we love our gear, we search out our favorite pieces of equipment and we are selling them on our site –

Whatever your budget is, we have the right Christmas gifts for your photography geek!

Money is no object Santa….

Oh you lucky person!  The best gift for any photographer is a Battery Operated Studio Light, our N6, 600w Studio Flash, for Canon or Nikon that comes with a trigger, charger and bag is priced at €745.00.  This is a whole lot of gear for the money, it has an umbrella holder in the handle, a removable diffuser and smart trigger that you can turn the light power up and down without touching the light.  One of the best features of this light is that it has TTL and HSS included.  Now if you want to be the best Santa ever, wrap this bad boy up for under the tree!


Generous Santa…

For anyone with a camera, the next step in your photography education is learning how to use light.  Getting your first flash can be as costly as your camera if you buy one of the big brands.   Our Canon and Nikon flashes are full of goodies, they have HSS, TTL and can be used as Optical Slaves.  Now all this could be just jumbled up letters to you, but to a photographer those are magic letters and mean you have gotten them a class piece of kit.  Priced at €160.00 these are incredible value and we both have these in our camera bags.  The thing about Flash is one is not enough, you actually need 2 or even more at times, so even if they have one, buy them anohter, they will love you even more!


Generous Santa could out do himself this Christmas if he added a trigger set to the flash.  Our €35 generic triggers will work on most camera’s and flashes.  Worth every penny because they open up a whole new world of fun with Off Camera Flash.


Tech Savvy Santa….

Boy oh Boy!  You can hit this one right out of the park with this perfect gift.  The hottest lighting gift this year has to be the LED Wand.



Battery operated, with a charger and battery included, this wand comes in it’s own bag.  Throw it into the boot of the car, whip it out in a forest and you can pop a little bit of controlled light onto any subject.  €155 and you are a total hero with this gift.


On a Budget Santa…

Snall but mightly!  That is the best way to describe this gift idea.  Small because it’s so well priced at €29 why not consider our Reflective Softbox Umbrella.

It has a silver inside, white diffuser cover and a cover to keep it clean between shoots.  Once opened, this is quite big, and is perfect for softening the shadows from flash.


In a rush Santa….

I am going to make this oh so easy for you….  3 quick ideas that you can click the link and buy that will put a smile on any photographers face.

  1.  Nicelight Gift Voucher – Because every now and again it is the perfect gift!
  2. Reflector / Triflector – Designed to be held easily, this pop up triflector is the perfect design and we all need one in our lives! €30
  3. Speedlight Accessory Kit – every flash toy you will ever need in one box, great value and fun too! €35

If you are still not sure, give us a call.  We love to chat to our customers and we are always happy to give advice on product choices.  If we get it wrong, we will always take the products back for a refund.

So what are you waiting for – click those links and get shopping.

I nearly forgot to remind you.  Until Monday 27th November we have 20% off our 150cm and 185cm PLM’s – even if you don’t know what they are, buy one, you won’t regret it,  It’s a great gift, fabulous soft light, and every photographer that uses flash wants one.







Living the Rock ‘n Roll Dream

Hell Yes!  That was the reply I typed when I was asked if I was available to do some promotional images for a rock band.


With no real ideas the band left the locations and the ideas to me, so I picked Hanover Quay with plans to head right down the end overlooking the 3Arena but on arrival a group of foreign gypsies families have parked their caravans up there, and it was not the idea spot we had thought!

The best part for me is the creative stuff and playing with light, while I cannot share the images at the moment or the identity of the band – I can share that we used all our nicelight lighting products.

Getting the height we needed to light the band the way we wanted was achieved using our 360cm (106″) Light Stand, what a hero product it was.   People stopped and asked us about our Battery Operated Studio Light which was perfect because of it’s portability, weight and power.  It worked like a champ to give us the lovely balanced light to get the band members lit correctly but still holding onto the light and details in the background.  Our modifier of choice was one we think is particularly fab – a very large 153cm (60″) Silver umbrella that we used both wide open and also closed down to give us a more funneled light.  These 3 products were all we needed to make light like this!  All images are straight out of the camera to give you an idea of just how good they looked – and many thanks to my VAL – Voice Activated Light Stand, Fran who was so helpful and great fun.


When we are allowed we will share the final images and the name and details of the band!  It’s all good here at nicelight, we are living the Rock n’ Roll dream!

Rock on!  Michelle & Fran


Crafting with light

At first learning flash photography can seem really daunting and easily gets regulated to the too hard basket. I am that Soldier!  If you can push past the fear of the unknown, get over making mistakes, you will find yourself in a zone where you find yourself playing with light and get some interesting and amazing images.

Nicelight recently presented a lighting workshop to Swords Photo Group, and this image was the first image out of the camera using the flash and pointed directly at our model.  As you can see, it’s not the best of images and we knew we could do better.


During the 2 hours we take the group through your path of learning lighting, we start with your Flash and how to use it, then we move to off camera flash and then to shaping light on a face and using our Battery studio flash and how to select your lighting modifier.  We love teaching this stuff – it’s such fun to see the images come out of the camera and projected to the audience as we take them – warts and all!  So if you have a spare slot in your Camera Club diary, we would love to talk to you about bringing nicelight to your club.

We got some lovey images using different lights, umbrellas, softboxes and tips (Sorry you are going to have to come along for the tips! :))  Our next order is hopefully on it’s way from the slow boat from China and we are anxiously awaiting restocks of our favourite products and cannot wait to share the love of lighting with you.

Have a fab weekend and take loads of photos!

Michelle & Fran




When nicelight met….

We got such a wonderful opportunity to provide lighting equipment for the former Playboy Photographer, Kevin Kuster when he was in Dublin this week running a lighting Workshop.  Out of all the lighting products we brought with us he took huge interest in our LED Light Wands.  He loved how he could show the light painting the model’s face and how changing the angle made such a difference.


Picture credit – Owen O’Connor Photography

Kevin also got to play and demonstrate our battery operated studio lights at the same time and copied the exact same set up as above with 2 strip boxes instead of the light wands.  Feeling very inspired during the break we also took to posing our model (Jason from ICS) into a few headshots with the wands.


This one is straight out of the camera.

And this one is with a few little edits…

We love these Led light wands, Kevin loves these lights, we love how flexible the light is and we love that they are sitting in stock waiting for you to order them!


nicelight, lighting made simple!



#JJinDublin 2017 with Kevin Kuster and Josh Johnston

Super excited to be going to the #JJinDublin event on Monday for photographers.

Expert photographers Kevin Kuster and Josh Johnston will be demonstrating their lighting techniques in the morning.

In the afternoon it will be all about social media and how to use it, especially Instagram for photographers.

Did you know Kevin and Josh co-founded the largest and most active Instagram following for photographers on the planet!

#JJCommunity so it’s a must attend for photographers in business.

Did we mention that they will be using lighting equipment in the studio on Monday, We didn’t……..

Well, if you come along on Monday you will be able to see our cordless studio lights in action if you attend as well as a selection of our light modifiers.

See you all there!

Newborn Photographers – you need this!

Recently I watched the Milky Way Newborn Retreat videos that I signed up for and sat and binged watched them all.  I noticed that nearly all those photographers who used studio lighting for their newborns were using a huge light modifier called a PLM short for Parabolic Light Modifier.  So I went looking for them in Europe and could not find them!  There were so few buying options that I decided to approach one of our suppliers and asked them if they could get them for us and they did!

I present to you the most amazing light modifier you will ever own, so versatile you can use it for babies, single person shots, groups and mom and dad shots.  Standing nearly 6 foot tall, 185cm to be exact (see the kitchen stool for scale), it gives you a beautiful spread of light and softened as the light is thrown into the silver inner’s and then diffused out through the white outer cover.

We tried to keep the price down as low as possible but once you get to umbrella’s this big the price gets big too!  So if you are giving Newborn Photography a go and want to get the softest light you can possibly get – THIS is exactly what you need!


Nicefoto, Behind the scenes shoot, (NSFW)

The most versatile light you will ever need!

So here’s a behind the scenes shoot provided by nicefoto to show off their new N6 TTL and HSS lights.

A crew of photographers, a beautiful model, fab (but somewhat inconvenient to get to) location and some not so great weather.

But still some amazing shots.

As you can see it really is a versatile light.

Consistent, Powerful Studio lighting, available on any location, like the side of a cliff or on the rocky shore for instance.

And you have High Speed Sync to play with as well as TTL.

Have a look and let us know what you think and if you need any further information on any of our nicelight products please reach out to us.

We’d be delighted to hear from you 🙂


Photographers: Li Hui, Wen Tao & Zhang Bin
Flash gear: NiceFoto TTL & HSS flash N6 for Canon & Nikon (golden color) NiceFoto TTL & HSS flash TTL-680C (red color)
Camera: Nikon D810, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
Stands and Modifiers also by Nicelight
Date: January 13st, 2017

Next generation cordless studio lights

We are so excited here at nicelight. The brand new NiceFoto N600 cordless lights will soon be here. Yay!

N600 battery powered studio light

It does everything you would ever need from a studio light!

Cordless studio light.
No cables for people to trip over.
Powerful flash that goes wherever you want.
Studio, Beaches, Forests, Mountains, Fields, Anywhere!
Lightweight at just under 2kg.
Steady power output and over 500 full power shots from one charge.
Full TTL for Canon and Nikon cameras.
High Speed Sync for Canon and Nikon cameras.
LED modelling light.
Power output is adjustable from the on-camera trigger.
Did we mention the trigger is included?
Bowens mount, use all your Bowens fit modifiers.
Elinchrom adapter available
Also included is a charger, and cool heavy duty nylon carry bag.

So if you need a powerful, reliable, versatile light, one you can bring anywhere.
We have the cordless studio light for you the Nicefoto N600




Lighting it up!

At 9am on Saturday it was -4 degrees in Clane and going to the beach was probably not the best of plans but the sun was up and so were we so we took off with the hopes of sun and warmer weather.


The plan was to test our the 600W Wireless Studio Light in full sun using the Hi-Speed Sync capabilities.  Small child bribed with promise of hot chocolate at the end and a few changes of clothes and we were set.  It was a tad warmer but still barely over 1 degree. 

Burrow Beach in Sutton was the location and we used all our nicelight products,  the 120cm Easy Assemble Octobox (that lived up to it’s name on a windy beach) and the extra tall heavy duty Lightstand.

The light worked a charm, and the image captured was shot at 1/8000 f.1.2 and ISO 100 using an 85mm 1.2 Canon Lens and light power at 1.2 power.


Our model got too cold and we took her for a hot chocolate and she was a happy girl again and I am thrilled to have some new images of her while she is still interested in allowing me photograph her.

Being able to create these dramatic images using Studio Lighting on location is going to take your work to a higher level, make you more creative and give you the freedom to leave the studio!

Check out the website for the lights and accessories and if you want to know more send me an email –

nicelight – Lighting made Easy

And we’re off (sort of)

Great news!

Our first shipment has arrived and been sorted through.

Our website is almost almost complete and we’d like your help with this.
If you notice anything wrong spelling wise. Or something that’s not good grammer. Do be a dear and let us know 🙂

Apart from that we are open for business and ready to supply you with lots of quality lighting goodies.

Talk to you soon!