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Constant light led heads and panels

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LED 100w Panel light

300.00 Price includes VAT

Constant light LED panel, Ideal for portraiture, weddings and commercial work. Soft even spread of light from 204 leds. Variable Temperature bulbs (3200k-7500k) and smooth stepless adjustment of power output

155.00 Price includes VAT

Led Light Wand

Hand held led light wand, provides beautiful soft consistent light, ideal for products and portraits. Can be affixed to an umbrella holder/light stand. Revolving sleeve can change colour temperature easily. Includes battery and charger and carry case.

290.00 Price includes VAT

This powerful and silent studio light has stepless power adjustment and remote adjustment too. It has dual temperature (3200k- 7500k) and all your Bowens softboxes etc will fit easily.  This light is constant and allows you to see how it falls on the subject before you take the image - now that is handy!