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29.00 Price includes VAT

Bag for light stands This handy zippable bag (103x19x16cm) holds 3 light stands and is invaluable when you are trying to carry all your gear from a shoot in one go to or from the car. (This applies mostly to men obviously!)

39.00 Price includes VAT

Min Strobe Flash Bag This sturdy bag has a large main compartment and an external zippable pocket for all your lighting equipment.  Nice idea to have all the items in one place, and quick to grab when you are going on-location or even to hide the items away in a tidy manner.

39.00 Price includes VAT

Mini Studio Flash Bag

This not so mini bag (52x19x25) will hold a couple of flash heads and all you leads etc. very handy to have them all in the one place and grab quickly if you need to go on location.