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300.00 Price includes VAT

Constant light LED panel, Ideal for portraiture, weddings and commercial work. Soft even spread of light from 204 leds. Variable Temperature bulbs (3200k-7500k) and smooth stepless adjustment of power output

290.00 Price includes VAT

This powerful and silent studio light has stepless power adjustment and remote adjustment too. It has dual temperature (3200k- 7500k) and all your Bowens softboxes etc will fit easily.¬† This light is constant and allows you to see how it falls on the subject before you take the image - now that is handy!  

810.00 Price includes VAT

New Revised Pricing and item now comes with V-Lock Battery grip, colour change gels and a bag!  AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDER.... Introducing the groundbreaking HA-3300b Led COb video light from Nicelight. It's an extremely powerful and versatile remote controlled video light. This light produces a whopping 65200 lux (3300lumens) @ one metre. It has an S-type (Bowens) mount so you can use all your existing modifiers. Here's a review of the HA 3300B video light by the guys at The Film Look