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nicelight Light Modifers

Bowens fit Octabox (140cm)

120.00 Price includes VAT

Bowens fit Octabox (140cm) Large Bowens fit Octabox with inner baffle for the ultimate in control and softness of light.  We love bigger softboxes as they give the best light - always buy big!

nicelight Light Modifers

Easy assemble Octabox (120cm)

135.00 Price includes VAT

Easy assemble Octabox (120cm) This is an easy and very quick Octabox to assemble and take down. Very convenient and easy to store, did we mention it was quick too? Comes with honeycomb grid for more control and inner baffle for that really soft light as standard.  When you put a standard softbox up you realise how long it takes and tend to leave it up for ages and have to find somewhere to store it.  With this easy up mechanism you will appreciate the ease and speed and won't buy anything else!

29.00 Price includes VAT

Speed light Bracket (Bowens fit) This very strong,very useful Bowens fit speedlight mount is probably the strongest most durable on the market today. It's easy to use and adjust and fits all your Bowens modifiers and accessories while keeping your light safe and ultra steady.