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Nicefoto N680A

The Nicefoto 680A studio flash is awesome! It can be used anywhere for any job. Especially useful at events and outdoor on location shoots. Reliable and Powerful and can be used with Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Sony camera systems

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New Revised Pricing and item now comes with V-Lock Battery grip, colour change gels and a bag!  AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDER.... Introducing the groundbreaking HA-3300b Led COb video light from Nicelight. It's an extremely powerful and versatile remote controlled video light. This light produces a whopping 65200 lux (3300lumens) @ one metre. It has an S-type (Bowens) mount so you can use all your existing modifiers. Here's a review of the HA 3300B video light by the guys at The Film Look

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Introducing the versatile K8 portable studio light from Nicefoto. The K8 has 800 watts of reliable power, where and when you need it. Built-in HSS and TTL for Nikon and Canon cameras. Power and settings can be adjusted from your on-camera controller (which is supplied with each light). The K8 can be used anywhere, in the studio or out in the field. It also comes with a  standard Bowens mount so you can change the supplied diffuser for any Bowens mount modifier you choose.

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NiceFoto N600, 600w Cordless, Battery powered Canon & Nikon studio flash head, TTL and HSS

A new generation of battery powered studio lights. The NiceFoto N600 600watts power for 500 shots at full power! Fast recycle times. TTL and High speed sync with Canon and Nikon camera. Power of flash can be adjusted from on camera transmitter. Bowens mount. (Elinchrom adapter available) Transmitter, charger and sturdy carry bag included.

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This Nikon flavoured radio controlled speed light (2.4Hz) is a must for Nikon shooters. Very powerful with a guide number of 62, it supports TTL, Manual and RPT modes. As well as radio it also can work as an optical slave. It also support High Speed Sync up to speeds of 1/8000 and can detect if you are using a cropped or full frame camera.

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Universal Radio Trigger 2.4Hz

This trigger will work with most makes of camera as well as speed lights and studio lights. It has a range of 50m and will work with Canon, Nikon and Fuji. Great for off camera flash and studio flash.