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970.00 Price includes VAT

Introducing the versatile K8 portable studio light from Nicefoto. The K8 has 800 watts of reliable power, where and when you need it. Built-in HSS and TTL for Nikon and Canon cameras. Power and settings can be adjusted from your on-camera controller (which is supplied with each light). The K8 can be used anywhere, in the studio or out in the field. It also comes with a  standard Bowens mount so you can change the supplied diffuser for any Bowens mount modifier you choose.

880.00 Price includes VAT

Wireless Studio Flash 800w This amazingly powerful, bring anywhere flash is really versatile, if fact we think it is the only flash you will ever need. Use it in the studio or on the beach or anywhere you choose. Up to 500 full power flashes on each battery charge and with a fast recycle time you can use this anywhere.  The trigger that you mount on the camera allows you to change the power up or down remotely - now that is a handy! Canon ettl and High Speed sync enabled. This flash is so powerful we have included a free scraper for scraping small children off the wall. (ok, I made that last bit up, you have to buy your own scraper!)