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Next generation cordless studio lights

We are so excited here at nicelight. The brand new NiceFoto N600 cordless lights will soon be here. Yay!

N600 battery powered studio light

It does everything you would ever need from a studio light!

Cordless studio light.
No cables for people to trip over.
Powerful flash that goes wherever you want.
Studio, Beaches, Forests, Mountains, Fields, Anywhere!
Lightweight at just under 2kg.
Steady power output and over 500 full power shots from one charge.
Full TTL for Canon and Nikon cameras.
High Speed Sync for Canon and Nikon cameras.
LED modelling light.
Power output is adjustable from the on-camera trigger.
Did we mention the trigger is included?
Bowens mount, use all your Bowens fit modifiers.
Elinchrom adapter available
Also included is a charger, and cool heavy duty nylon carry bag.

So if you need a powerful, reliable, versatile light, one you can bring anywhere.
We have the cordless studio light for you the Nicefoto N600