Crafting with light

At first learning flash photography can seem really daunting and easily gets regulated to the too hard basket. I am that Soldier!  If you can push past the fear of the unknown, get over making mistakes, you will find yourself in a zone where you find yourself playing with light and get some interesting and amazing images.

Nicelight recently presented a lighting workshop to Swords Photo Group, and this image was the first image out of the camera using the flash and pointed directly at our model.  As you can see, it’s not the best of images and we knew we could do better.


During the 2 hours we take the group through your path of learning lighting, we start with your Flash and how to use it, then we move to off camera flash and then to shaping light on a face and using our Battery studio flash and how to select your lighting modifier.  We love teaching this stuff – it’s such fun to see the images come out of the camera and projected to the audience as we take them – warts and all!  So if you have a spare slot in your Camera Club diary, we would love to talk to you about bringing nicelight to your club.

We got some lovey images using different lights, umbrellas, softboxes and tips (Sorry you are going to have to come along for the tips! :))  Our next order is hopefully on it’s way from the slow boat from China and we are anxiously awaiting restocks of our favourite products and cannot wait to share the love of lighting with you.

Have a fab weekend and take loads of photos!

Michelle & Fran




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