Dear Santa…..


If you are married, engaged or dating a photographer you might be at a loss as to what to get them for Christmas.  How about that Kris Kindle gift you have to buy and you have not got a clue what to get?  Well grab a cuppa, sit down and let me help you out.

The first thing you need to know is that we are photographers ourselves and because we love our gear, we search out our favorite pieces of equipment and we are selling them on our site –

Whatever your budget is, we have the right Christmas gifts for your photography geek!

Money is no object Santa….

Oh you lucky person!  The best gift for any photographer is a Battery Operated Studio Light, our N6, 600w Studio Flash, for Canon or Nikon that comes with a trigger, charger and bag is priced at €745.00.  This is a whole lot of gear for the money, it has an umbrella holder in the handle, a removable diffuser and smart trigger that you can turn the light power up and down without touching the light.  One of the best features of this light is that it has TTL and HSS included.  Now if you want to be the best Santa ever, wrap this bad boy up for under the tree!


Generous Santa…

For anyone with a camera, the next step in your photography education is learning how to use light.  Getting your first flash can be as costly as your camera if you buy one of the big brands.   Our Canon and Nikon flashes are full of goodies, they have HSS, TTL and can be used as Optical Slaves.  Now all this could be just jumbled up letters to you, but to a photographer those are magic letters and mean you have gotten them a class piece of kit.  Priced at €160.00 these are incredible value and we both have these in our camera bags.  The thing about Flash is one is not enough, you actually need 2 or even more at times, so even if they have one, buy them anohter, they will love you even more!


Generous Santa could out do himself this Christmas if he added a trigger set to the flash.  Our €35 generic triggers will work on most camera’s and flashes.  Worth every penny because they open up a whole new world of fun with Off Camera Flash.


Tech Savvy Santa….

Boy oh Boy!  You can hit this one right out of the park with this perfect gift.  The hottest lighting gift this year has to be the LED Wand.



Battery operated, with a charger and battery included, this wand comes in it’s own bag.  Throw it into the boot of the car, whip it out in a forest and you can pop a little bit of controlled light onto any subject.  €155 and you are a total hero with this gift.


On a Budget Santa…

Snall but mightly!  That is the best way to describe this gift idea.  Small because it’s so well priced at €29 why not consider our Reflective Softbox Umbrella.

It has a silver inside, white diffuser cover and a cover to keep it clean between shoots.  Once opened, this is quite big, and is perfect for softening the shadows from flash.


In a rush Santa….

I am going to make this oh so easy for you….  3 quick ideas that you can click the link and buy that will put a smile on any photographers face.

  1.  Nicelight Gift Voucher – Because every now and again it is the perfect gift!
  2. Reflector / Triflector – Designed to be held easily, this pop up triflector is the perfect design and we all need one in our lives! €30
  3. Speedlight Accessory Kit – every flash toy you will ever need in one box, great value and fun too! €35

If you are still not sure, give us a call.  We love to chat to our customers and we are always happy to give advice on product choices.  If we get it wrong, we will always take the products back for a refund.

So what are you waiting for – click those links and get shopping.

I nearly forgot to remind you.  Until Monday 27th November we have 20% off our 150cm and 185cm PLM’s – even if you don’t know what they are, buy one, you won’t regret it,  It’s a great gift, fabulous soft light, and every photographer that uses flash wants one.







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