Newborn Photographers – you need this!

Recently I watched the Milky Way Newborn Retreat videos that I signed up for and sat and binged watched them all.  I noticed that nearly all those photographers who used studio lighting for their newborns were using a huge light modifier called a PLM short for Parabolic Light Modifier.  So I went looking for them in Europe and could not find them!  There were so few buying options that I decided to approach one of our suppliers and asked them if they could get them for us and they did!

I present to you the most amazing light modifier you will ever own, so versatile you can use it for babies, single person shots, groups and mom and dad shots.  Standing nearly 6 foot tall, 185cm to be exact (see the kitchen stool for scale), it gives you a beautiful spread of light and softened as the light is thrown into the silver inner’s and then diffused out through the white outer cover.

We tried to keep the price down as low as possible but once you get to umbrella’s this big the price gets big too!  So if you are giving Newborn Photography a go and want to get the softest light you can possibly get – THIS is exactly what you need!


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