When nicelight met….

We got such a wonderful opportunity to provide lighting equipment for the former Playboy Photographer, Kevin Kuster when he was in Dublin this week running a lighting Workshop.  Out of all the lighting products we brought with us he took huge interest in our LED Light Wands.  He loved how he could show the light painting the model’s face and how changing the angle made such a difference.


Picture credit – Owen O’Connor Photography

Kevin also got to play and demonstrate our battery operated studio lights at the same time and copied the exact same set up as above with 2 strip boxes instead of the light wands.  Feeling very inspired during the break we also took to posing our model (Jason from ICS) into a few headshots with the wands.


This one is straight out of the camera.

And this one is with a few little edits…

We love these Led light wands, Kevin loves these lights, we love how flexible the light is and we love that they are sitting in stock waiting for you to order them!


nicelight, lighting made simple!



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